Details to fill in while signing up

The registration process is divided into 4 distinct steps. 

Step 1 of the process is confirming your first and last name. The email address used to which the invitation was sent is also verified in this step. We encourage our users to provide their name so we can address them properly going forward. If your name is already captured in our system during the initial consultation phase, then it is pre-populated and shown to you for confirmation. 

Step 2 of the process is setting up your account password. This step is mandatory for obvious reasons. The password requirement must be met in order to proceed. As you type in your password, met criteria turn green to indicate success.

In Step 3, we ask for details about your role and industry. Only your organization name is required. Having an organization name helps us differentiate your account. You can use an alias for confidentiality purposes if needed. Submitting your role and industry is optional. These details allow us to better segment our customer base and therefore is a part of the registration process.

In the final step, you can invite other members from your organization to collaborate on your data projects. You can learn more about the final step here

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