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Getting started with Grepsr

Grepsr’s fully managed data service provides highly reliable web data at scale. Our tailored solution approach ensures that your data projects are priced to requirement, built to spec, and monitored and maintained to account for changes. Our technology platform enables seamless collaboration between project teams, automates data extraction and delivery routines, and augments our capacity to deliver quality at scale. Our solution expertise and advanced data infrastructure allows us to pull data from 1000s of sources and work around complex security controls in compliance with our data acquisition policies.

Our customers love us for our customer centricity, ability to handle complex use cases, quick turnaround time, and the quality of results we deliver.

To get started with Grepsr, fill out a short form in the link provided below explaining to us your data needs. https://www.grepsr.com/contact-sales/  

Our Solutions team will guide you through the rest.

You can learn more about our overall process from start to delivery in the link below:

How does Grepsr work?