Invite new members to your organization

The ability to invite members is limited to Team Managers only. Managers can invite others by clicking on the “Invite” button from the Teams page. 

This will open a sidebar as shown in the image above. Then

  1. Type in the email address of the individuals you wish to invite one at a time. Hit enter after you type in each email address
  2. Invitees will appear in a list underneath the textbox. You can remove an invitee by clicking on the “X” icon next to their email address
  3. Next, select the role to assign to all the invitees. A role must be present. The default option is Viewer. This selected role is assigned to all invitees. 
  4. Lastly, select projects you wish to add the invitees to. You must select at least one project in order to send the invitation
  5. Hit Invite to finish. Each invitee will receive an email invitation to join your organization

Each invitee must accept the invitation and finish their registration to appear as a team member in your organization.