Managing my notification preferences

Different users may choose different levels of visibility into their projects. This is where your  notification preference comes into play. The platform provides notifications for different types of activities. Depending on a user’s permission and interest, they can opt in or out of different notification types and channels. Furthermore, users can also limit notifications to specific projects to further refine the updates they receive.

Fig: Notification settings for a profile

To manage your notification preferences, go to the “Manage Notification” section from the top navigation bar. Notifications are grouped into different categories and shown based on the eligibility of the user logged in. You can opt in or out of notification delivered to a channel - email or web notification - by checking or unchecking their respective option.  

To limit notification for specific projects, click the projects dropdown for a notification type if available. Next, select projects you wish to subscribe to. 

Your changes are finalized once you hit the “Save Preferences” button. 

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