Each project is different. Even when a customer has multiple projects in their account, the nature of the projects may vary. For instance, the data and quality requirements may differ between projects as might the stakeholders involved. Therefore, our Data Management portal comes with a dedicated and private communication channel for each project which is privy only to the project collaborators and Team Managers. Messaging is key to ensure that your crawlers are built per spec, change requests and updates are promptly communicated and acted upon. Being able to effectively relay requirements  allows us to execute with quality.

The messaging channel for each project can be accessed through the project menu. For our larger accounts with multiple projects, there is a separate consolidated view that allows users to easily search and jump between projects and their respective conversations. 

The messaging channel for a project is located under the Collaboration section in the secondary menu as shown below. All messages and files exchanged in the project till date are centralized in this one space. This makes it easy to refer back to an earlier conversation rather than digging through old email chains. Also having access to all the historical conversation in one place is effective for onboarding and ramping up newcomers to the project.

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