Responding from your Inbox

Learn how to respond to messages directly from your email inbox

Each new message posted in the project thread will send an email notification to all the project collaborators. The email contains a link back to the project to make it easy for any recipient to respond through the app. The project link is available in the email header. 


Fig: A email sample sent to the project collaborators

Email recipients can also respond directly from their inbox. Responding to the email will append their message to the project thread and also inform the rest.  

The ability to respond to messages from where people find convenience simplifies the overall messaging experience while also catering for those who are on-the-go and want to respond from their mobile devices.

Q: Who is notified when a new message is posted?
A: Project notification is by default sent to all the project members from the customer and Grepsr’s end. However, each member can update their notification preferences to no longer receive a certain notification category. Therefore, so long a user is in a project and remains subscribed to the notification category, they are informed when a new message is posted.

Users are informed through email and web notification in the app. 

Q: How do I unsubscribe from project notifications?

A: If you are receiving notification for a project that is no longer pertinent to you, then you can simply leave the project. Additionally, you can also manage your notification preference from your Profile. You can unsubscribe from a specific notification category altogether or unsubscribe from a notification category for a particular project. Once unsubscribed, you will no longer receive notification for that category.

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