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The search box in the Attachment section can be used to search for attachments using a keyword. Users can search using the file name or file extension. The search term can appear anywhere in the file name so long it’s in order and not necessarily at the start.

The scope of the search is limited to the attachments in the project only. Besides text, the search also supports regular expressions. Below are some basic examples for how to search using regular expressions.






Character set, at least one of which must be a match, but no more than one unless otherwise specified. 

The order of the characters does not matter.

pand[ora] = panda

pand[ora] = pando



Character group, matches the characters abc or 123 in that exact order.

pand(ora) = pandora

pand(123) = pand123


Alternation - allows for alternate matches. | operates like the Boolean OR.

pand(abc|123) = pandabc OR pand123


Question mark matches when the character preceding ? occurs 0 or 1 time only, making the character match optional.

colou?r = colour (u is found 1 time)

colou?r = color (u is found 0 times)


Asterisk matches when the character preceding * matches 0 or more times.

tre*= tree (e is found 2 times)

tre* = tre (e is found 1 time)

tre* = tr (e is found 0 times)


Plus sign matches when the character preceding + matches 1 or more times. The + sign makes the character match mandatory.

tre+ = tree (e is found 2 times)

tre+ = tre (e is found 1 time)

. (period)

The period matches any alphanumeric character or symbol.

ton. = tone

ton. = ton#

ton. = ton4




Combine the metacharacters . and *, in that order .* to match for any character 0 or more times.


tr.* = tr

tr.* = tre

tr.* = tree

tr.* = trees

tr.* = trough

tr.* = treadmill

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