Adding a Validation Rule

Adding a validation rule allows you to measure accuracy. In the absence of validation rules, accuracy is not calculated.

How to add a validation rule?

  1. Navigate to the Data Schema menu in the Report > Configuration section
  2. If there are multiple pages in the report, choose the page for which you want to add configurations using the filter.
  3. If there are large number of columns, search and select the column/s for which you want to add configurations.
  4. Click on the Add button
  5. Select the check box that says “Add validation rule”
  6. Select an appropriate rule and test the rule with the data. You can either load data from the table or add data manually.
  7. Next, you can save the rule or if you don’t want to add it, you can discard it.

              Fig: Validation Rule


Once you add validation rules, the accuracy will begin to show up in the datasets for the runs that get initiated after that point.

Please note that this will not populate accuracy for the historical runs.