Data delivery

The Data Delivery option in the report configuration allows you to set up locations your data should be delivered to once it is prepared. You can set up multiple locations to deliver data. Grepsr supports popular cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, Dropbox and Box. We can also send data to an email, Slack channel, or an FTP location. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 12.58.09

Fig: Setting up different destinations to automatically send extracted data

To set up a delivery location:

  1. Navigate to the Data Delivery menu in the Report > Configuration section
  2. First choose what format you want the output to be delivered. We support multiple formats such as XLSX, CSV, XML, JSON, YAML, and PARQUET. CSV is the default format and is automatically selected if this section is skippedScreen Shot 2022-08-09 at 12.58.20
  3. Next, Compression Option can be selected to zip a large file for faster transfer. Files larger than 50 MB are automatically compressed even if the option is left unchecked. Likewise, if an output contains multiple CSVs, it too is automatically compressed.
  4. In the next section, choose where the files should be sent. Cloud storage platforms require the access key for the account and container/bucket name. Other platforms like FTP, Slack and Webhook require their own settings
  5. Next, set the following options where applicable
    • Upload to custom path: allows to specify a sub-folder in the container where the data should be stored
    • Skip validation on save: skip validation will skip validating the permission on the API keys and tokens used. This allows you to set up a delivery destination first and later configure permissions. However, unless permission is sorted out first, we cannot deliver the file to said location
    • Replace old file: overwrites existing file with the same name
    • Apply to all reports in this project: apply the storage location to existing reports in the project. New reports that are added later will not include this setting.

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