Data delivery via email

This article is regarding how you can get your extracted data delivered in your respective email.

  • On your project screen, go to Data Delivery > Email.

  • Enter your email address and press Enter.
    For multiple emails, just press Enter after each new email. The emails will appear as tags, which can be easily removed by simply clicking the ’x' at the end of each email.

  • If you want your data from every report in the current project delivered to the emails you’ve listed, check the Apply this email-id to all reports of this project checkbox.

  • Click Save when you’re done.

  • Your data will now be exported and delivered to the email addresses you’ve entered as soon as a crawl run is complete and the file is exported.

  • Under Delivery Options, select the file formats you’d like your data to be exported as.
    The available formats are:

    • XLSX

    • CSV

    • XML

    • JSON

    • YAML

    • UTF 08 for CSV

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