Data delivery via webhooks

This article is regarding how you can get your extracted data delivered via webhooks.

On your project screen, go to Data Delivery > Webhooks.

  • Enter the Webhook URL, where Grepsr will send a notification when your files are ready.

  • Under Delivery Option, select the file formats you’d like your data to be exported as.
    The available formats are:

    • XLSX

    • CSV

    • XML

    • JSON

    • YAML

    • UTF 08 for CSV

  • If you want your data from every report in the current project delivered to the emails you’ve listed, check the Apply this email-id to all reports of this project checkbox.

  • Click Save when you’re done.

  • When a crawl run is complete and your data exported, Grepsr will invoke a remote script and send a POST request to the callback URL with download links to your data as parameters (csv_url, xlsx_url, xml_url, json_url, yaml_url) with the request.

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