Export a dataset

Exporting a dataset allows us to generate a file output on demand. The export option is useful in one-time projects where an integration with a cloud storage platform for automatic file delivery may not be required.

Once the data is generated, the output can be exported in one of the following formats: CSV, XLSX, JSON, JSON Lines, XML, Parquet. To export a dataset

  1. Go to the Report > Dataset page
  2. From the list, click on a dataset that you want to export. This will take you to the Data Preview section
  3. Next, click on the Downloads button in the top right corner 
  4. The Downloads tab in the slider is where all previously exported files are located. If the list is empty, you can click on the Export button and select a format to download. Please note that you cannot export archived datasets. A dataset is automatically archived in 10 days
  5. In the confirmation window, click Yes to confirm the export. Once the file is ready, it will be available in the list
Below are the screenshots showing the steps mentioned above:

Navigating to the Data Preview Page

Exporting a dataset to XML


Q: When I initiate an export, a confirmation window appears with an option to “Process file delivery notifications”. What is that? 


A: If you check the “Process file delivery notifications” option, the exported output will be delivered to the cloud storage platforms enabled for the report. Otherwise, the file is not automatically delivered and can be later sent to one or more storage platforms.

Q: Can I have a copy of the exported file sent to one of my cloud storage platforms? 

A: In the Report > Configuration > Data Delivery page, you can set up one or more delivery locations. Then, while initiating an export, select the “Process file delivery notifications” to have the exported file automatically sent. 


To have an already exported file sent to one or more storage platforms, click on the “Deliver” option in the file card (see image below) and then select a platform where you want the file to be sent. 


The Deliver dropdown is only visible if you have set up at least one integration.


Q: What do the different statuses (such as Manual Export, Delivered, Skipped, etc) represent? 

A: These are the different statuses for a file once it is exported: 

  • Skipped: the generated file has not been delivered or sent to any storage platforms
  • Manual export: when someone manually exports files using the “Export” button
  • Delivered: when the file has been delivered to one or more storage platforms
  • Not notified: file was not delivered because the number of records is less than the expected count

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