Indexing a column

When you index a column, you will be able to view the data distribution for that column. 

How to index a column?

  1. Navigate to the Data Schema menu in the Report > Configuration section
  2. If there are multiple pages in the report, choose the page for which you want to add configurations using the filter.
  3. If there are a large number of columns, search and select the column/s for which you want to add configurations.
  4. Click on the Add button
  5. Select the check box that says “Index this column for new datasets”
  6. Save the rule or if you don’t want to save it, you can click Discard.

                       Fig: Interface to add rule to enable data distribution
  7. Based on whether columns are indexed or not, an option to view distribution or add rules show up in the dashboard. In the figure below,  one of the columns called Url is not indexed. So, a button to add rule is displayed which when clicked takes you to the Data Schema page. For the columns other than URL, you can view the data distribution by clicking on the View data distribution button or the graph icon present on the column card.

       Fig: Interface to view data distribution and add rule to enable data distribution