Update your project requirements

It is not unusual that project details, including initial requirements, may need to be changed. The Project Details page in the left navigation, see image below, allows you to update details for your project. Very commonly customers want to change the Project Name, add Tags that fit their context, and update the Project Owner. Of the fields visible to the customer, most are editable. Some fields however are read-only as it impacts how Grepsr manages the projects. The read-only fields are:

  1. Project Milestone: which represents a particular stage in the project lifecycle   
  2. Status: which represents if the project is active, on-hold, or archived

💡Tags make it easy to segment and search projects in the account. Tags are not mandatory but are commonly used in larger accounts.


Project details

Fig: Edit project details


The Project Owner designation is given to a representative from the customer’s team who serves as a point of contact on the project. This person is typically responsible for project scope and overall management. In case of personnel changes, customers can transfer the ownership from one person to another by simply selecting the appropriate representative from the list.


Lastly, the collapsed section for additional details contains project requirements that were originally provided. This section too can be edited if necessary (see image below).

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Fig: Editing project details

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