View & filter your dataset

The Data Preview section allows you to browse through the dataset that was extracted. This is useful for running through the data to check if everything is in order. 

Data preview page with filters

Fig: Data preview

You can navigate to the Data Preview section by clicking on a specific dataset from the Datasets page. This will load the content from the first page in the dataset. Pages in a dataset are similar to sheets in a spreadsheet. Each dataset has at least 1 page. The content of the dataset is loaded in the grid. Data is loaded 50 rows at a time since, in most cases, the intent is only to preview the data and do a sanity check rather than comb through the entire dataset. 

Filters at the top of the page can be used to 

  1. Dataset filter: this filter opens a datepicker to navigate to different dates. Dates where there is at least 1 dataset is visually distinguished. The adjacent window next to the datepicker shows a localized timestamp of the different datasets generated on the selected date. Clicking on a dataset from the list will load the associated data in the grid
  2. Page filer: a dataset contains at least 1 page. Pages can be used to organize the underlying data separately often in a normalized form. The page filter can be used to jump from one page to the next
  3. Columns filter: this filter shows the different column headers in a dataset page. All the columns are loaded by default and this filter can be used to show specific columns only

Datasets are color-coded to represent different statuses. Here is a list of the available statuses and the associated color:

  1. Success (green): the extraction has fully completed and the dataset was generated without any error
  2. Processing (orange): the extraction is still running and the dataset has not been fully generated. 
  3. Failed (red): the extraction has completed with one or more errors resulting in an incomplete dataset
  4. No data (grey): the extraction has fully completed without error by the resulting dataset is empty

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